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We have manufactured 500 equipments up till now and the list is constantly setting new benchmarks. For more than two decades, we have been meeting and even exceeding the expectations of numerous clients. Our experience and expertise in the fabrication of various chemical equipment designs is unmatched in the industry. The clients appreciate our work and all this is possible by the hard work of our professionals who are backed by over 20 years of experience in chemical & pharmaceutical plant fabrication. Our proficient team of experienced engineers & shop floor team work in our well-equipped infrastructural set-up. We have all the requisite machinery and material handling equipments such as Lifting Cranes, Moving Cranes etc for easy movement of our chemical process equipments. For our client-convenience, our professionals can fabricate equipments as per the design and specifications provided by the clients.

Quality Testing & Inspection

All the offered Storage Receivers, Storage Tanks,  Heat Exchanger, Industrial Blenders and other chemical process equipments are tested in NABL laboratory as well as by third party inspection agencies, as per the requirements. The equipments are rigorously tested, right from their initial stage of fabrication till the final product is made. All the tests are conducted based on several parameters such as dye penetrant test, radiography, hydraulic, pneumatic, load running test, etc. Apart from this, we also maintain PQR (Procedure Qualification records) and WPS (Welder Procedure Specification) records to gain trust from our clients for better quality & workmanship.

Extensive Chemical Process Equipment Range


Agitated Nutsche Filter

Nutsche Filter

Candle Filter


Industrial Chiller

Plant Condenser


Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

U Bundle Heat Exchangers

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


Ribbon Blenders

Octagonal Blenders

Double Cone Blenders

Rotocone Blenders


S.S. Limpet Coiled Reactors

Limpet Coil Reactors

Preinsulated GMP Reactors

Jacketed Reactors

GMP Reactors

Reactor Agitators


Limpet Vessels

Internal Coil Vessels

Pressure Vessels

Process Vessels


Solvent Extraction Plant

Distillation Column Plant

Drug Intermediate Plant

Solvent Recovery Plant

Resin Manufacturing Plant


Storage Receivers & Tanks

Limpet Coil Receivers

CGMP Receivers

Limpet Coiled Receivers

Jacketed Receivers


Chemical Storage Tanks

Solvent Storage Tanks

S.S. Storage Tanks


Double Cone Vacuum Dryers

Rotary Vacuum Dryers

Rotocone Vacuum Dryers



We have a well-equipped factory set-up located in Mumbai in close proximity to Western Express Highway, 35kms away from Domestic & International airports and 30kms from Main railway terminus; for providing fast delivery of orders at clients' premises.

Client Satisfaction

Being a client-centric organization, we are committed to provide 100% client satisfaction by delivering the highest quality Chemical Process Equipments at best possible prices. After complete understanding of the clients' requirements, we start designing and fabricating the equipment. Our professionals work in close coordination with them to provide solutions accordingly. Further, we are instrumental in providing customized services, whereby our team can fabricate exact equipments that the clients needed.

After Sales & Service

To keep our equipments running and in well maintained condition, we have employed a team of engineers who can serve your maintenance requirements wherever you are.

Equipments Supplied

  • SS Mixing Tank. 10 KL
  • SS Condenser serB M2 7 7
  • SS Pinned Tube Condenser 30 MZ. 10 MZ. 5 MZ
  • SS (Taggers: 15 (firms
  • GMP Vessers
  • SS Reactors
  • SS Distillation Column -750 D x 20 Mtrs Height
  • SS Storage Tanks
  • SS 316 Reaotors: 5 KL- 3 Nos
  • Hot Water Tanks with U-Btnndles: 20 Nos
  • SS 316 Storage Tank - 20 KL
  • SS 316 Reactor with Agitator: 600 Ltrs
  • SS 316 Flat Bottom/ Con. Roof Partition Tank; 10 KL
  • SS 304 Limpet Biender. 8.3 KL
  • MS Halar Receivers
  • SS 316 Limpet GMP Reactor. 2.5 KL
  • SS 316 Receivers: 1,2 KL - 2 Nos
  • SS 316 Limpel Coiled Reactor: 2.5 KL
  • SS 316 Nutche Filter 1.6 KL
  • SS 316 Mixer 750 Llrs
  • SS Receivers : 49 Nos
  • SS 316 Condensers: 2 M2 - 6 Nos
  • SS Condonsers: 15 M2 - 3 Nos
  • SS304 Limpet Reactor : 1 KL
  • SS 304 Condensers: 10 M2 - 2 Nos
  • SS 316 Condensers : 15 M2
  • SS 316 Receiver : 3KL
  • MS Limpet Coded Reactor: 1.5 KL
  • MS Jacketed Reactor 6 KL
  • SS 316/ MS Jacketed Reactor : 5 KL
  • 7 SS 316 Condenser: 25 M2
  • SS & MS Square Tanks
  • SS 304 Thermosphone Redoiler
  • MS Condensers: 18.6 M2
  • MS I SS 316 Condensers 15 M2 & 5 M12
  • SS 316 Condensers : 20 M2, 10 M2
  • SS 316 Agitated Vessel : 300 Ltrs

List of Products

  • Reactors
    • Limpet
    • Jacketed
    • GMP Reactors
    • Lead Bonded
  • Blenders
    • Rotocone Blenders
    • Ribbon Blenders
    • Octagonal Blenders
  • Filters
    • Nutche Filters
    • Pressure Filters
  • Dryers
    • Rotary Vacuum Dryers
    • Rotocone Vacuum Dryers
  • Distillation Column
  • Shell  Tube Finned Tube
  • Type Heat Exchangers
  • Storage Tanks & Receivers

Name of Clients

  • Nikhil Adhesives Ltd. Silvassa

  • Nikhil Adhesives Ltd. Silvassa

  • Lupin Limited. Mandidccp

  • Kores India Ltd. Rona

  • Aarti Industries Ltd. Tammi

  • Indswiit Labs Ltd. Chandigarh

  • Lupin Limited

  • Amoil Organics Ltd.

  • Amoii Organics Ltd. Vapi

  • LupinLimited Tarapur and Baroda

  • Omni Impex P. Ltd, Goa

  • Lupin Limited, Tarapur

  • Lupin Limited., Anidesnwar

  • Giobe Industries, Vasai

  • Lipin Limited, Tarapur

  • Lupin Limited., Indore

  • Lupin Limited., Mandideep

  • India Pesticides Ltd, Lucknow

  • India Pesticides Ltd. Lucknow

  • India Pesticides Ltd. Lucknow

  • Plating Products Inc. Mumbai

  • Lupin Limited

  • Lupin Limited. Baroda

  • India Pesticides Ltd. Lucknow

  • Lupin Limited Indore

  • Amoii Organics Ltd. Vapi

  • Kroes India Ltd. Kurkumbh

  • Kroes India Ltd. Kurkumbh

  • Lupin Limitad, Indore

  • Lupin Limited. Mandideep

  • India Pesticides Ltd. Lucknow

  • Amoli Organics Ltd. Vapi

  • Lupin Limited

  • Kores (india) Ltd. Kurkumbh

  • India pesticides Ltd., Lucknow

  • Amoli Organics Ltd., Baroda

  • India Pesticides Ltd., Luckno